Song Beat

Discover SongBeat: India's Ultimate Music Rhythm Game

India's First with All Licensed Music: Welcome to SongBeat, a groundbreaking rhythm game that brings the entire spectrum of music legacy to your fingertips. From timeless classics to contemporary pop hits, immerse yourself in the beats of India's first music rhythm game featuring all licensed music.

Play the Latest, Even Before the Rest

Fresh Tracks on Release Day: With SongBeat, stay ahead of the curve. Our exclusive access to the newest movie soundtracks lets you play the latest hits on the day of the movie's release, or sometimes even earlier! Experience the thrill of playing fresh tracks before anyone else.

Compete and Win Unbelievable Prizes

Rhythmic Competitions with Big Rewards: Engage in exciting competitions and stand a chance to win amazing prizes – from high-quality headphones to an opportunity to meet your favorite movie star. SongBeat isn't just a game; it's your ticket to fame and fabulous rewards.

Craft Your Rhythm, Create Your Beat

Custom Rhythm Tracks: Unleash your creativity with SongBeat's track customization feature. Modify the beats in your favorite songs, set your difficulty level, and challenge yourself or others. Whether you like it easy or crave a challenge, you control the rhythm.

A Community of Music and Rivalry

Thriving Multiplayer Experience: Dive into a community brimming with passion and competition. Challenge friends or rivals in multiplayer mode, playing the same song to see who can hit the highest score. With SongBeat, every beat brings a new battle, a new chance to reign supreme.

An Unparalleled Music Library

Vast Collection, Endless Choices: While we don’t claim numbers, know this - SongBeat's library is a treasure trove of Bollywood music. Our extensive collection covers over half of all Bollywood music ever created, offering an unparalleled variety of tracks to play and enjoy.

Feel the Beat, Join the Movement

Your Stage Awaits: SongBeat isn't just a game; it's a celebration of music, competition, and community. Whether you're a rhythm game veteran or new to the beat, SongBeat invites you to be part of a musical adventure like no other.

Celebrate Every Beat: Themed Events in SongBeat

Festive Rhythms, Celebratory Beats: Embrace the vibrancy of Indian festivals with SongBeat's themed events. From the colorful explosions of Diwali to the patriotic fervor of Independence Day, our game comes alive with themed songs and special challenges. Engage in spirited competitions, enjoy songs that echo the essence of each festival, and win unique rewards, all while immersing yourself in the cultural beats of India’s most beloved celebrations. SongBeat isn’t just a game; it’s a rhythmic journey through India’s festive traditions.

Join us at SongBeat – where your fingers dance to the rhythm of Bollywood's heart!