Fishing Sim World®: Pro Tour

Dive into the Realism of Fishing Sim World®: Pro Tour with Gameshastra

At Gameshastra, we're proud of our collaborative journey with Dovetail Games in bringing the immersive world of Fishing Sim World®: Pro Tour to life. This partnership allowed us to flex our expertise in Unreal Engine development, crafting environments, vehicles, and lifelike fish that enhance the player's experience in this celebrated fishing simulator.

Crafting Realism in Unreal Engine

Our team at Gameshastra embarked on a detailed development process to create content that not only adds to the game's depth but also elevates its realism. Utilizing the powerful Unreal Engine, we developed dynamic fish behaviors, meticulously designed environments, detailed boats, and other vehicles, alongside an array of props that players interact with throughout their fishing journey.

Lifelike Fish and AI Behaviors

The core of Fishing Sim World®: Pro Tour's appeal lies in its realistic fishing experience. To achieve this, we focused on creating AI for fish that mirrors the intricate behaviors of their real-life counterparts. From the way a bass scouts for prey to the unique swimming patterns of a catfish, our AI algorithms ensure each species provides a unique challenge, replicating the unpredictability and excitement of real-world fishing

Immersive Environments

Our team dedicated countless hours to the creation of immersive environments that serve as the backdrop for the angling adventure. From serene lakes to bustling rivers, each locale was crafted with attention to detail, ensuring every water body has its unique ecosystem, weather patterns, and visual aesthetics. This diversity not only adds to the game's visual appeal but also influences gameplay, as different environments host various fish species and challenges.

Boats and Vehicles

Understanding the importance of mobility in fishing, we developed a range of boats and vehicles that players can use to navigate through the expansive worlds of Fishing Sim World®: Pro Tour. Each vehicle, from speedboats to fishing kayaks, was designed with realism in mind, incorporating aspects like handling, speed, and aesthetics that correspond to their real-world counterparts. This attention to detail extends to the interactions players have with these vehicles, making every journey across the water an engaging experience.

Props and Equipment

To complement the game's realism, we also focused on creating a wide array of fishing equipment and props. From rods and reels to lures and baits, each item was designed to offer players a comprehensive fishing experience. The diversity in equipment allows for a deep level of strategy and customization, catering to both novice anglers and seasoned veterans.

A Partnership in Innovation

Our co-development work with Dovetail Games on Fishing Sim World®: Pro Tour showcases our commitment to leveraging our expertise in game development to contribute to high-quality gaming experiences. The content we developed, available as DLC, stands as a testament to our dedication to innovation, quality, and realism in the gaming industry.

Embark on a fishing adventure that blurs the line between virtual and reality, crafted with the expertise of Gameshastra and the passion of Dovetail Games.