HTML5 Game Development

Crafting Interactive Experiences

At Gameshastra, we have harnessed the power of HTML5 to develop a wide array of games, delivering engaging and accessible experiences across web platforms. Our journey in HTML5 game development is marked by significant achievements, including the creation of award-winning titles and the development of games for esteemed clients worldwide.

Award-Winning HTML5 Games:

Our portfolio includes "Gardens of Time", a game based on a Disney IP, which was awarded the Best Facebook Game in 2012. This accomplishment underscores our ability to deliver captivating narratives and immersive gameplay within the technical framework of HTML5. Additionally, "Zapplin Time", published by Gamehouse, showcases our expertise in creating engaging hidden object games (HOG) that resonate with players across different cultures.

Comprehensive HTML5 Development Services:

Our services encompass every stage of the game development cycle, from initial concept and prototyping to post-production and LiveOps. Our experience in developing and self-publishing our own mobile games provides us with a deep understanding of the challenges and nuances of HTML5 game development.

Technologies and Tools:

Leveraging the latest in HTML5 technologies, including LimeJS for game development and WebGL for rendering high-performance graphics directly in browsers, we create games that are not only visually impressive but also optimized for performance across devices and platforms. Our use of these technologies ensures that our HTML5 games deliver smooth, engaging experiences to players without the need for additional plugins.

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Whether you're looking to develop a new HTML5 game from scratch or seeking support for an existing project, Gameshastra is equipped to bring your vision to life. Our commitment to quality, combined with our comprehensive development capabilities, ensures that your HTML5 game will captivate and engage players across the globe.

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