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Our mobile development teams have been building world-class games on iOS and Android platforms for over a decade, for the top publishers in the industry. We have delivered solid content for games in every genre; from Sports, Casual, Story, Arcade Fighting to First Person Shooters and Racing Games.

Our experienced Teams adapt to each Client’s Pipeline, working seamlessly with internal production staff in a matched structured hierarchy, to facilitate communication and support efficient Agile project development.

We build our own Mobile IP games, and Client Projects, with the Unity3D engine, HTML5, and native environments for iOS and Android, with maximized efficiency for sizing the memory footprint to each platform for superb, solid gameplay over the long-term.

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Gameshastra is a team of highly experienced professional Artists, Engineers and Designers, who have built and contributed to over 100+ game titles in the last decade, with many award-winning games on the global stage.