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Our Casino Games Team builds solid tech solutions, from front end to back end, for Electronic Table Gameslike Blackjack, Baccarat and Roulette, as well as art solutions for these Table Games and many state of the art Slot games.

We have built thesegamesfor one of the world's biggest Casino machine manufacturers on the planet, successfully meeting extremely tight deadlines to deliver projects which have been displayed in the world's biggest casino expos like G2E 2017, 2018 and ICE 2019.

We also build full slots, art and tech, for the digital online casinos, as well, having contributed to close to 25 total games, to date.

Our team has proven expertise in:

  • Addressing graphics performance and frame rate issues
  • Optimizing the game-play and AI systems per platform
  • Writing custom shaders and tools based on specific project requirements
  • Creating complete, robust multiplayer environments, frontend as well as back end
  • Building Triple AAA quality content from concept through completion.
  • Pipeline Tools: Maya, Max, Substance Painter, UnReal and Unity

We follow global production standards and use agile project management, version control and project tracking tools, on every product, large and small.

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Gameshastra is a team of highly experienced professional Artists, Engineers and Designers, who have built and contributed to over 100+ game titles in the last decade, with many award-winning games on the global stage.